“We’re all a little bit different; we’re all a little bit the same. That’s what makes us special.”

(Kathy Walker, 2012)


With the current changes in the Early Childhood field, there are two overarching documents that govern how early childhood services operate. They are the ‘Early Years Learning Framework for Australia- Being, Belonging, Becoming’ and the ‘Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework’. 

These two documents link to Primary School curriculum and provide continuity in what is taught to children. 


Our philosophy acknowledges that there are four important aspects involved in the children’s learning; the child, Parents and families, the Community and the Early Childhood Educators. 

Together, we are able to support the child’s early year’s education and instill the values of lifelong learning.


At Watsonia North Preschool:


The child:

  • We believe in a play-based learning approach where children learn through play and develop in their own time, alongside their peers.

  • Every child is unique and individual; this is celebrated and acknowledged within the Preschool environment.

  • Children learn in various ways and each way needs to be respected and encouraged to ensure optimal learning is achieved. 

  • Every child has a voice and is provided with an environment in which to express their ideas, views and needs.

  • We believe the foundation of learning is developing children who are independent, confident and resilient.

  • We value all aspects of a child’s progress and development. Learning is based on the skills, knowledge and their willingness to try, rather than the work they create.


Parents and families

  • Parents and families bring a great deal of knowledge to our Preschool community.

  • Parents and families are viewed as partners alongside the Early Childhood Educators, in their child’s learning journey. 

  • We believe in open and honest communication towards each child’s development to ensure a successful year at preschool. 

  • We recognise every family has their own culture and beliefs and we celebrate and acknowledge the diversity amongst our preschool community.

  • We encourage differing views and beliefs to be contributed towards the context of the preschool environment.  We strive to understand each family’s views and beliefs.

Our Community:

  • We believe Community involvement is important during the Preschool year as children become aware of the world in which they live and awareness of the issues in our society.

  • We aim to provide links to the child’s local community so they are aware of what surrounds them.

  • Children are exposed to diversity within the society ranging from professions, cultures, disabilities


Early Childhood Educators:

  • We believe early childhood educators hold a multifaceted role throughout your child’s education; from facilitator of children’s learning to partnering with parents/families and advocating the child’s rights.

  • We believe early childhood educators hold a vital role in ensuring each child is treated equally in a safe and welcoming environment.

  • We create an environment based on discussion and wonder where children interact with the natural world, resources and each other to stimulate investigation, development of skills and awareness of themselves and others.

  • We believe through intentional teaching as well as being guided by the child’s interests and skills, Early childhood Educators will use their own knowledge base to scaffold and extend the child’s learning experiences.

  • Early Childhood Educators will endeavour to challenge the children; setting high expectations for each child.

  • We believe early Childhood Educators are lifelong learners. We are required to continuously undergo reflective practice to critically question our programme, environment and teaching skills.