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Watsonia North Preschool is a community minded and operated service and always aim and take pride in building a sense of inclusivity in our service.

We believe in creating a Child Safe environment, where the child has a sense of trust in their educators and in their surroundings, which in turn, allows them to feel supported to grow and develop in these important early childhood years.

Our qualified and passionate educators aim to nurture children by providing an environment that fosters creativity and resilience, whilst building respectful relationships, and instilling lifelong values and skills.

The learner and the learning environment
Watsonia North Preschool takes a multi-faceted approach to learning, where play is an integral aspect of the child’s learning process. We acknowledge that children’s learning of skills is scaffolded through the support of their educators and peers.


Our priority is to always ensure a Child Safe and engaging environment, where the learner’s needs are met and supported. The learning environment is inclusive and responsive to meet the learning needs of all abilities and developmental stages of early childhood, allowing for realistic yet also high expectations for the learner.

Every child has a voice to express their ideas, views and needs; whilst maintaining the ability to show respectful behaviours towards those around them.

We encourage children to take ownership of their own learning and development, where they are supported in fostering their independence and building their resilience; resulting in developing skills for lifelong learning.

We are proud to be inclusive and welcome families and children from diverse backgrounds; ranging from cultures, abilities, the LGBTQIA community, religious beliefs, family dynamics and have always been proud in building a sense of inclusivity to all in our service.
We strive to allow families many opportunities to engage and participate in the Kinder program.

We will continue to work together for shared goals for their child and the Kinder in order to create a memorable early childhood education experience for everyone involved in this journey. 

We encourage mutual respect of opinions and ideas shared between each other, as we work collaboratively to support the child.     

We are a community run Kindergarten with families working together to create and build a service for our community.
Watsonia North Preschool acknowledges the Traditional owners of the Wurundjeri Land on which our Kinder is on and pay our respects to the Elders, past present and emerging. We have a shared commitment in working towards continued learning about our First Nation’s People. We aim to continuously have regular conversations on how to embed Aboriginal cultures and perspectives into our daily practice and Kindergarten values.

We believe awareness and exposure to the wider community is pivotal in children’s learning and growth, and in teaching them their social responsibilities.

Fostering children’s interest in the natural environment will provoke thoughts and conversations in how children can help to create a cleaner planet for the future.  

Early Childhood Professionals 
We acknowledge that we are qualified and trained professionals in the field of Early Childhood Education and we respect the diversity of knowledge, expertise and experiences that all of us have to offer.

We believe that ongoing professional development and reflective practice are key factors in maintaining our knowledge of children and keeping us informed of developing practices.

We are consistently striving to collaborate and build relationships with our families and those in our Kindergarten community.
We believe Early Childhood Educators hold a vital role in ensuring each child is treated equally in a safe and welcoming environment.
We are committed to ensuring every child is safe in our environment and understand our role in protecting them and supporting them to grow and develop.


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