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At Watsonia North Preschool, our learning program covers a wide
range of topics and focuses on different things throughout the year.
We organise various visits and special events to further
consolidate our learning with the children.

Across the year, the 3YO and 4YO groups participate in visits that aim to
educate, engage and excite the children. Some recent visits have included
Kelly Mini Sports, Wild Action, Butterfly Hatching and Rhythm Fun.

Along with these visits, we also utilise Government/Council funded
programs such as our local Koorie Education Support Officer,
Thingle Toodle Road Safety Program and the Little Chompers Dental

In recent years the 4YO groups have started going on regular outings, which consists of spontaneous walks around the Watsonia North community, and even to local parks and playgrounds.

Both 4YO groups attend a big excursion at the end of the year; the most recent being to the Melbourne Zoo.

Building connections within our surrounding community is fostered through visits from the local librarian for storytelling time, from the local Police, as well as from the local primary school children and teachers. Our connections to the wider community extend to our participation in events such as Crazy Hair Day to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation, Footy Day to raise money for the Fight Cancer Foundation, or to collecting toys/resources for those in need via The Big Group Hug organisation.

Special events are also celebrated at Watsonia North Preschool; such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, days for Special People, concerts and end of year celebrations. We believe in creating memories with our loved ones and sharing this special time with our families and our Kinder community.

To further engage the children, we regularly participate in general events such as Breakfast at Kinder/Pyjama Day, cooking at Kinder, Book Week and more.



Watsonia North Preschool  is one of 1,054 primary schools and early learning centres throughout Australia who received a Woolworths Junior Landcare grant to help grow our next generation of environmental champions.

The children and teachers had a wonderful time working on and learning from this project.

Using the grant we have been able to establish a bush tucker garden, a new compost/worm bin, create craft projects and educational opportunities around bush tucker, sustainability, our indigenous peoples and traditions and much more.




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