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"At Watsonia North Preschool we provide an environment where children can learn and grow through our hands on activities. We encourage children to build new skills while fostering creativity and self-expression.  We celebrate community, diversity and the individual."
Loc Vo, 3 Year old teacher

We are offering one 3 year old group and 4 year old kindergarten program in 2022.




3yo Kindergarten

The 3yo group in 2022 is called the: Wombat group

4yo Kindergarten

The 4yo Kindergarten children are placed in groups named after Australian animals and first letter of the animal name will assist parents and staff to determine what  days groups attend Kindergarten.

For example, if you child is in the Bilby group, look at what days B are attending.

The group names are:


K = Koala            
D = Dingo
B = Bilby            
E = Echidna
C = Cockatoo


Session Times 2022



Session Times 2023

Our Policies & Child Safety

We place the highest priority on the safety of children. Our policies ensure that we always have the correct practices in place and our staff are trained to deal with a range of scenarios. Both our policies and teacher training are always all kept up to date, putting the children's well being above all else.

The policies adopted by Watsonia North Preschool sit within the National Quality Framework, National Regulations and the National Law. All policies are approved and adopted by the Committee of Management.

To download and view our policies please click here

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy acknowledges that there are four important aspects involved in the children's learning; the child, Parents and families, the Community and the Early Childhood Educators.

Together, we are able to support the child's early year's education and instil the values of lifelong learning.



Our Kids

"We're all a little bit different; we're all a little bit the same. That's what makes us special."

(Kathy Walker, 2012)

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