3 Year old program


We offer one 3yo kinder program at Watsonia
North Preschool.

Your child must be 3 years of age by end of term
one of the year they wish to attend; and will not
be able to commence Kinder until they have turned

To enrol, please download an application form or
come into the kinder if you wish to speak to staff
for further information.

4 Year old program

Registrations are now open for 4 year old
kindergarten 2021 registrations.

 This new process will allow you to register your child for funded 4 year old kindergarten online and pay the registration fee with a credit card.  When you register for the first time you need to supply an email address .  Once registered you will be sent an email with your login details (your email address) and a password.  These details will be used to access the parent portal each time you need to update or check your child’s registration.

Offers for 2021 will be allocated in mid July 2020 via the parent portal which is a great improvement on our old system of sending out hardcopy letters via Australia Post.

The new process will make it easier and more convenient as you can register via a desktop computer, phone or tablet.  No more having to come into the council office to submit a paper form.  Please note, registrations are only date stamped and not time stamped.

Council is very excited about the launch of the new electronic online form and parent portal and we hope you enjoy the new streamlined registration process.  For more information please visit the Banyule Website https://www.banyule.vic.gov.au/Community-services/Kindergarten-services



Open Day

We take part in Banyule Council Kindergarten Open Day in February each year from 9am till 12pm.
Date yet to be announced.

Please come down to view and speak with staff on this day.

To request more information:


Please call us on (03) 9434 1998

You can also request more information with this form: